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Laser-branding is  a relatively new technique to the garment industry. Similar to personalizing your favorite metal pen, the laser etches your artwork into the garment material, creating a tonal appearance that is not only unique, but durable and long-lasting. From fleece vests to suede jackets, this innovative technique will give your brand a whole new appeal. Laser-branding is not only different than your ordinary deco technique, it also holds many other advantages and benefits including the ability to hold fine detail. Ask us how our laser-branding can enhance your custom apparel.

Laser-branding has many advantages compared to traditional decorating techniques:

  • Hold fine detail and small imprints on many materials
  • Laser imprints easily over zippered garments
  • Great for materials such as fleece, suede and microfiber
  • Creates a unique and durable tonal imprint

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