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Current Screen Print Special

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Our current screen print special features a high-quality 100% cotton garment from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. The Gildan tee is a classic and a great option to get your custom apparel program started.

We are more than your average t-shirt shop. At Rocky Coast, we specialize in high-end screen printing using state-of-the-art equipment and years of hands-on experience.

Our team of graphic artists and screen printers work together to innovate and expand our repertoire of specialty screen printing techniques. We are proud to offer a variety of screen print techniques to enhance your custom apparel experience. Currently we offer a wide variety of services including 3D inks, HD gels, glitter and shimmer inks, metallic foiling, and even glow-in-the-dark prints! We can customize a number of techniques to fit your own unique and fashionable custom apparel needs. From standard uniform programs to hip and trendy retail lines, if you need screen printing, you come to Rocky Coast!

Specialty Prints

Below is a sample of some of our creative and unique screen print capabilities. We are constantly researching and developing new cutting-edge techniques that will take your apparel to the next level.

High-Density Ink

HD ink creates a unique three-dimensional look. Variations in ink height are achieved with different screen meshes, altering the amount of ink that is used per pass.

Puff Ink

Our puff effect provides height and dimension to your print similar to HD ink, but with soft, round edges.

High-Density Clear Gel

Provide the look of wet gel with this cool ink. This technique can be used as distinctive accent feature when the gel is printed over a color or it can provide a subtle tonal effect when used by itself.

Metallic Gel

Be LOUD with this technique! This metallic ink provides height and dimension to your design and finishes with a chrome shine.

Metallic Foil

With a variety of colors to choose from, your design will pop with this metallic-like finish. When the light hits the foil, your design will stand out in the crowd!

Distressed Foil

This process involves adhering foils to random, distressed areas of the design, giving it an aged, weathered look while still provide the shiny foil effect.

Sugar Glitter Dip

This technique is exactly what it sounds like. Art is printed and then dipped in a sugar-like glitter flake that provide a shiny, dimensional effect to your design. Yummy!

Crystallina Ink

Add a subtle sparkle to any design with a layer of crystallina ink. Hints of soft pinks and blues can be seen in the sparkle, making this a great accent for any ladies’ garment.

Discharge Ink

Looking for an aged and weathered look? This technique chemically removes the dye of the shirt to reveal the natural color of the garment. Results vary per t-shirt brand, style, ect.

Burnout Ink

This unique process chemically burns away the cotton fibers of a garment to create a torn look. The burnout effect looks great when backed with contrasting color fabric. Results vary every time lending to its uniqueness.

Blister Ink

Everything vintage is in again! Blister ink provides the look of old, cracked ink and is great for vintage designs.

Embroidery Over Screen Print

Give your garment the royal treatment by combing embroidery with our top of the line screen print. Sew a simple pattern over your printed design for the ultimate fashion-forward look.

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